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Hi, I'm Christina!
Founder & CEO at Broderick & Co.

As a licensed social worker, former school social worker and therapist, I grew tired of bouncing around in jobs trying to find what "works". After years of frustration with my work environments, craving freedom + flexibility for my life, and wanting to make more of an impact and grow my income beyond what others told me I could "only make", I decided to launch my own mental health consulting company!

4 years later, I've served thousands of students nationwide, present at conferences overseas, get flown out to work with clients, been featured on many podcasts and in nationwide publications, connected with the Department of Education to share my work, conducted Instagram lives with celebrities like Miguel, and now average 5-figures of revenue a month (and sometimes hit 5-figures in one day!) and projected to do almost $300,000 this year!

I created this incubator because it was so dang hard (and expensive) for me to learn how to build and run a business as a trained social worker and I want different for you. I can't wait to help you along this beautiful journey as you build your own business!

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It's time for you to take charge of your journey.


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As social workers, we are highly skilled and have a wealth of knowledge, life experience and training to build successful businesses of our own. 

The problem is, we were never taught entrepreneurship and all it takes to build a successful company!

Until now...

In this 4-month incubator you'll get:

  • Bi-weekly 90-Minute group calls to learn, grow and build together  

    • You will learn the following:

      • ​Conducting an audit of your lived experiences + personal/professional skills

      • Deep dive to align values, understand self-sabotaging behavior, and leveraging your strengths to build the biz

      • How to dream big for future possibilities, conquering your mindset + limiting beliefs, and protecting your mental health along the way

      • Determining your framework for service delivery, services to offer, building your offer suite and conducting market research

      • Making a 90-Day Plan and building with low-to-no tech (websites, naming your offer, etc.)

      • Maximizing sales results and marketing to and how to best track your efforts for growth

      • Building your village of support

      • How to analyze and track progress to make informed adjustments to propel forward!

  • Opportunity for personalized feedback and audits on your submitted documents​​

    • You won't be left in the dark, left to wonder if you're on the right track with everything that you're working on. Get expert eyes on your work, as well as feedback from your peers​

  • Access to templates and resources to use along the way for lead/sales/goals tracking, sending emails, creating proposals, etc.

    • We're removing the guesswork for you and limiting the trial and error, giving you tools and resources to use along the way!​

  • Access to industry experts in business, finance, private therapy practices, money mindset, personal development, speaking engagements, mental health, career growth, Clifton Strengths, human design, soul-care, and more 

    • Getting connected to experts to gain new knowledge as well as get your specific questions answered so you can have more clarity in your areas of need​​

  • Hot seat coaching every other week to have personalized attention and feedback on your growth plan

    • Think of this as all of us coming together to love on you, support you and guide you. The community dedicates the time to listen, guide, and encourage you directly.

  • Bi-Weekly Group Office Hours to answer any questions you may have based on the information you're learning​

    • We want to make sure you are supported along the way and we know questions are natural when learning something new, so this will be your opportunity for extra support!​

  • Private community for cooperative learning, sprint sessions, and encouragement, as well as getting your questions answered in-between calls

    • Community is one of the strongest pillars of the program. Your network is your net worth. We hold each other accountable and support one another fully. 

    • Over 90% of the success you achieve is determined by whom you surround yourself with, so you'll be surrounded by others on the same journey as you!

  • Opportunity for 1:1 consulting with Christina 

    • Each member will get a 20-minute session with Christina within the first month to get direct guidance, strategy, and focus for your time in the incubator

    • Based on your payment level, you will also have the opportunity to have bonus 1:1 sessions too!

This program is almost $8,000 in value (but you get it for so much less!)


  • We have limited spots available for this cohort

    • Make sure to submit your application by March 24, 2022, at 12pm!

  • The cost of this program is $2,100 (with $300 off for those on the waitlist). 

    • We have three payment options available: 
      - Pay in full and receive 2 bonus 1:1 strategy sessions 
      - Pay in 2 installments and receive 1 bonus 1:1 strategy session
      - Pay in 4 installments

    • One of our experts is generously donating to offer a $350 scholarship to one of the incubator members. If you'd like to be considered, please indicate below--keeping in mind, that there is only one scholarship spot and truly for those in need. The scholarship recipient is still responsible for covering the remainder of the cost of the program. 

  • We kick off with a celebration call on March 29th and the work begins the week of April 4th.​

  • All group calls are recorded; therefore, if you miss any meetings, you will still be able to watch the replay. 

    • Individual coaching calls are also recorded and placed in a private folder for you to access. 

What Others Have to Say:

"If you are interested in growing or developing a business, Chrissie will have you dig so much deeper into yourself and look at the things that can set you up for success!"

"Christina is a guru! Every piece of insight she contributes is a push towards excellent planning and preparation for strong execution. I appreciated her patience & ability to navigate tangled thought processes! She came ready and willing to push my thinking forward! It’s amazing how well she’s able to tap into potential and foster innovation. Thank you so much!!"

"You will not regret your time with Christina! Since I am midway through our coaching experience and have took in all the homework assignments, sessions, and applied them in my business I have seen so much growth in me as a person not only in my profession but personally. I have also been exposed to new opportunities by applying the strategies and techniques and this opportunities have made me feel more confident to see all the new endeavors I will embark on."

"Christina is so wonderful to work with. She is patient and gives great feedback. She has helped me with creating my signature offer and thinking through my strategic execution. Christina has given me the tools and feedback to feel confident in the next phase of my business."

"Where does one even begin? I just want to say that without this program, I would not be thinking bigger. I would be limiting myself and my goals. When I think small, as I have been, I fall into the trap of becoming unmotivated to do anything and put things into action. There’s is not only a designated time that I am working on my business, but I am constantly thinking about the next thing that I can do from each assignment from coaching sessions. Thanks so much for everything!"

"The best part of the session for me was realizing I can use some of my ideas I have to build a new framework. It was not only my ah-ha moment but it motivated and boosted my confidence that I can do this. When you are starting out a new business venture it can becoming overwhelming, but Christina helpmeet me feel its not impossible what I am trying to do."

"The best part of the strategy session was getting my vision out of my brain and onto paper! It allowed me to properly see what I’m planning and expecting to execute in the short & long-term future. The action steps are all clear!"

"Christina is thoughtful and definitely has helped me think through my strategy. I do not have a background in education and she has helped me feel confident in building my financial education program."

"Since I had my session I will be keeping her on speed dial. Not only for myself, but I know what it feels like to be in a position of starting out and looking for great resources and help. Christina did just that during our first call: gave support, clarity, resources, and was not vague with answers" I loved that. Even at times when I looked at her and she may not understood where I was going or was looking for more she guided or redirected me to think more and get down to business. I thank her."

"From the minute I confirmed the appointment I was anxious and nervous. It was backed by a flood of doubt and feelings of inadequacy about my ability to leave my mark on the world. I have big dreams and hopes but I often get stuck moving from idea to action. Other times I find myself doing more than is needed, taking on far more than I can handle. All this cycle produces is doubt and it reduces the quality of my work, which leads to feeling inadequate. I walked in doubtful and walked out inspired because my vision and hope was already in front of me. Chrissie took everything I had and made it so simple I thought I would cry. It was almost like someone said, "listen you are fueling this doubt and those feelings of inadequacy, let me help you." From the beginning of the strategy session, we went right into it and I was completely comfortable sharing the journey to what led me to grow my business. The ventures that I want to take are actually all connected, Chrissie pointed that out and helped me see it from a new vantage point. I recommend that people commit to investing in those who are willing and can help you see your vision come true. I cannot wait to see what we do next."

"Thank you so much Christina for our strategy session call! I have been on cloud 9 since we met and been extremely motivated. As an entrepreneur and a solo team member, you find it hard to only bounce your ideas off your notebook. You're taking a chance and risk every day. I wasn't sure what would take place during our session to be honest. I was thinking we would have a session, talk, and Christina would give 2-3 suggestions for my business and that was it. Boy!!!!! I was wrong and so happy I was. Our strategy session was just that. Not only a think tank, mastermind, working session all in one. Yes a real strategy session. I felt I could be open, transparent, say when I didn't know, learn new cool lingo, and open up after meeting with her face to face for the very first time. I grew on this call alone. Any one looking to grow in your life, business, or just want to have a professional to get feed back from, Christina is your consultant you should get in contact with today. It is a new year and don't wait to reset, revamp, and create new goals for yourself with her. Thank you Christina! You truly helped me in ways you don't know and I thank you."


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