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 I'm sure you're here because you are looking to find a way to work on your mental health, but you're not sure what to do or even where to begin.

If so, then you've just landed at the perfect starting point.

You're tired of being stressed out or burnt out

You understand the importance of self-care, but don't know how to practice it consistently

You want to truly put yourself first and maintain health boundaries

You want to be more in control of your thoughts and emotions, more productive, more joyous, and overall achieve a new level of freedom

At Broderick & Co. we aim to make mental health education accessible, practical, and sustainable. We also know you shouldn't have to do this alone. 


When enrolling in our Mental Health Mastery Method, you will gain access to our research-based, proven mental health curriculum that will serve as a strong starting point on your mental health journey. Additionally, you will join a community of peers who are similarly working together on sustainable mental health practices. 

Who is the Mental Health Mastery Method for?

This IS for you if:

  • You are ready to take some action to improve your mental health

  • You are able to manage and cope safely through your day-to-day, but just need to learn new strategies and skills

This is NOT  for you if:

  • You are looking for treatment for a mental health condition or illness (anxiety, depression, trauma, etc.)

  • You need direct, clinical support

  • You are in a mental health crisis

Our curriculum covers:

  • Mental Health vs. Mental Illness

  • Mindset

  • Resiliency

  • Stress Reduction

  • Self-Care

  • Mindfulness

  • Mental Health Support

  • Sustainability

  • Fun Bonuses! 



The most effective part of the course was the group conversations. It was a very open and safe environment. Also, the content was very relatable and relevant. I liked how it was research-based, but still easy to understand. I enjoyed that the course allowed me to reflect on my life and made me want to take more action.

I enjoyed this course so much. Each week, I was so excited to learn new things regarding my mental health. This course provided me with the information and strategies I need in order to be successful...I gained skills for a healthier mind and a community that will hold me accountable to complete the strategies we learned during the course. Christina was so great and made the course fun and effective. This course changed my life and how I view mental health. I feel better prepared to face any situation that may affect my mental health.

This course opened my eyes to mental health. As someone who always has a leadership role, being silent helps no one and it builds up over time. Avoiding mental health and your emotions may seem ok at the moment, but it will always bite you back. All the tactics I learned I will always try to use in my daily life and I will always refer back to the course

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