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Looking for my right hand! Are you my administrative/marketing assistant?!

I’m Christina and I’m a licensed social worker, consultant, and strategist that is bout her biz but also loves a solid bottomless mimosa brunch (throw in a smooth '90s and '00s hits playlist and it’s essentially the most perfect day). I’m a newlywed, new dog momma, and am constantly daydreaming about nature adventures and travel around the world.

I started my business 4.5 years ago and it's been rapidly expanding and now I'm in need of support! Keep reading on to learn more about the company and the role. Make sure to read through this page thoroughly and apply at the bottom if you feel that you're a fit!

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A little about me and my company...

About Us: 

We envision a world where historically marginalized communities, and those that support them, have access to critical information, support, and resources that remove barriers and provide opportunities for growth and limitless potential.


We aim to eradicate barriers surrounding populations that typically lack access and resources. More specifically, we focus our efforts on character, leadership, and professional development that keeps mental health and wellness at the forefront for organizations and education programs that serve historically marginalized populations, as well as those that support them.

The goal for our targeted population is simple: to transform possibilities into realities.

How do we do this amazing work and who do we do it for?

Glad ya asked.

About 90% of our clients are in the education space. Think K-12 school districts, universities, education-focused non-profits and programs. Almost all of our clients support first-generation students and/or low-income students. We have a few corporate clients as well (with hopes to continue growing here!). We do a lot of presentations and trainings, host an online course for thousands of participants, travel to conferences for keynote presentations and workshops, and secure short- and long-term projects to implement new strategies, techniques and skills with our partners to transform their organizations.

Lastly, we provide business group coaching and strategy for social workers who are looking to build their own service-based businesses. We run short-term bootcamps, as well as a 4-month virtual incubator program, and some organization partnerships.

A lot of our work is in the NY/NJ area, but we also have clients all over the nation (and yes, that means we travel!). We have been fortunate to support thousands nationwide and internationally in 2023 (eek!) and tbh, we’re just getting started. 

While we grew to where we are helping to tackle the mental health crisis through our work, we are expanding to include program and leadership development as well.


Now, it’s important to understand our values that guide the pretty amazing work that we do: 


  • Innovation: We aim to stay ahead of the curve to ensure ingenuity is at the forefront, bringing new ideas, concepts, and solutions to those we serve

  • Connection: From the African Proverb Ubuntu: I am because you are, my humanity is tied to yours, we stay grounded in our connection to our individual and collective human experiences and the overall impact we have on our global footprint

  • Sustainability: We are interested in long-lasting systemic changes through the work that we do, not band-aid approaches that just check boxes.

  • Joy: While the work may be difficult, we prioritize joy in our lives, with each other, our clients, and the work we do.

  • Intentionality: We deeply care about the communities we serve. Therefore, the work we do is purposeful throughout every fabric of our business to ensure the actions provide actual solutions that fulfill our mission and benefit our communities.

About the CEO

Christina Broderick-Royes

CEO & Founder

Before we dive into the role, I think it’s important to know some more things about me as you’ll be my right-hand pal.


  1. If you’re into Human Design, I’m a 5/1 Manifestor (which is only 9% of the population!)This essentially means that I’m meant to initiate things and get things going but the execution? Nah, not my jam. Hence why I'm hiring an assistant! While we’re here, this also ties into my top 5 Strengths Finder results: 

    1. Activator (again, I’m meant to get things going and get people excited to get things going too)

    2. Futuristic (I’m a huge visionary. I can see and map out a vision that many can’t yet grasp)

    3. Communication (I can talk…. A lot. I actually prefer to talk things out and ramble, but need someone to synthesize and make sense of it all)

    4. Ideation (aka, I’m full of ideas for myself and others!) 

    5. Significance (the ish I do has to be meaningful and important)

  2. I am deeply invested in the communities we serve and those who we work with

    1. I intentionally work with historically marginalized communities not only because it’s part of my personal background, but also because it’s where I believe the most support is needed to make a difference in this world (did I mention I’m a licensed social worker and former therapist?)

  3. I’m super detail-oriented and my business means A LOT to me. Therefore, I’m very serious about the work I do BUT ya girl loves to have fun. Hence, why Joy is a value. The work is hard, but doesn’t mean we can’t experience joy and fun along the way. We will go to brunch together frequently. 

  4. I’m going through a rebrand! We have been growing and evolving in exciting ways and need our brand to represent not just our current business, but where we’re going as well. Rebrands can be a bit messy with a lot of moving parts, so you gotta be down for the ride.

  5. I can be a bit all over the place and full of amazing ideas. There’s a method to my madness, I swear, but I need someone to help take the jumble, add some strategy and integrate/execute as needed!

  6. Random facts: 

    1. I’m obsessed with orcas and dream of being in a kayak next to them in the ocean

    2. I love red wine, making and eating charcuterie boards and hosting events

    3. I eat way too many french fries and Japanese Ramen (not together, obv).


I sound dope, right?! I know. 

All right, enough about me.
Let’s get to you!

Are you: 

  • Truly committed to the progressive transformation of historically marginalized communities, especially around mental health? 

  • Obsessed with organization, structure, details and tasks? 

  • Comfortable with social media planning/posting, as well as drafting newsletters and blog content?

  • Down to have meetings over brunch and mimosas and also okay with randomly getting sent pictures and videos of beautiful charcuterie board inspirations I aspire to make but probably never will? 


This you? Cool… here’s more deetz. 


This role is a part-time employee position and starts at 20 hours a week from $25-$30 an hour. Pay commensurate with experience. Here’s what you’ll be responsible for:


Administrative Support:

  • Extensively manage email inbox, creating effective management systems, checking incoming emails,  following up as necessary, and delegating as needed

  • Handles incoming email inquiries 

  • Management of company systems and software, including setting up platform

  • Assist with creating and organizing SOPs

  • Organize company Google Drive and Canva files

  • Keeping the CEO on track with deadlines and goals

  • Arranging travel and hotel accommodations 

  • Assist with event planning and management

  • Schedule and coordinate appointments and meetings

  • Extensive, ongoing research for client acquisition 

  • Additional tasks assigned by the CEO 


Client Management:

  • Updating and sending client proposals and invoices, as well as following up with clients as needed via email and/or telephone

  • Assistance with onboarding/offboarding clients (intake organization, client gifts, survey data collection, etc.)

  • Organize and manage client files 

  • Sitting in on client calls/meetings and taking notes and providing technical assistance as needed

  • Prepare workshop/training materials (slide deck, surveys, supplies, if needed)

  • Attend client events (workshops, trainings, etc.) and provide on-site assistance

  • Keeping track of client communications and project statuses 

  • Compiling client data reports for CEO


Marketing/Social Media:

  • Referencing current curriculum and content to be repurposed for social media postings, blog posts, and marketing newsletters

  • Design graphics for postings

  • Provides basic video editing for social media posts and course edits

  • Draft newsletters and blog posts based on content information provided by the CEO

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest social media best practices and technology

  • Reports of campaign analytics

This role is perfect for you if...


You’re down to do 70% remote, 30% in-person, local to NY/NJ area and willing to travel/fly, as needed. While a car is not required, it is recommended getting around NJ for client work.


Proficiency with and Zapier is a must as we are looking to have this set up and implemented within the company to make things more efficient.

  • Bonus if you also have experience with Quickbooks, Canva, PandaDoc, Calendly, and Thinkific!


You’re available during normal business hours. While I’m flexible on how the 20 hours are split, you must be available during the hours of 9 am-4:30 pm. A lot of our work is time-sensitive, therefore working overnight or off-schedule may not be a fit. 

  • Bonus:

    • You have the flexibility for occasional evenings and weekends, as needed

    • If you are looking for a good time and a long time aka want to go full-time within 4-6 months 


  • You have solid experience being a high-level assistant for a super small but growing company and can bring ideas, structure, and order. 

  • You have exceptional customer service and client communication skills.

  • You’re a self-starter that doesn’t require hand-holding and can take initiative (guidance is cool to get the flow and then you’re off to the races!). You know how to research topics and information you may not be familiar with to problem-solve. 

  • You can listen and take in information and turn it into a process, system, and/or some form of structure (aka make the mess make sense)

  • You’ve created social media calendars, created and edited graphics/reels/videos, drafted newsletters, and blog posts

  • You’re excited to bring innovation and fresh ideas to a budding company 

  • You’re committed to excellence and accuracy

  • If you’ve read this far, when submitting your application, after typing your Name, tell me your favorite Hip Hop/R&B hit from the Early 00s. Mine is anything Ja Rule/Ashanti!

  • You’re efficient–i.e., it shouldn’t take 4 hours to write 4 Instagram captions

  • You go the extra mile and are truly invested in whatever you do

  • You love to laugh, problem-solve and genuinely find joy in life. 


Please note, we are not looking to work with any contractors who want to run their own business.

How to apply & deadline

Does our company and this role sound like the dream you’ve been manifesting?? If so, apply by January 19, 2023!


If chosen to move forward, applicants will complete a paid test project before being invited to an interview. The general timeline is to have this position on-boarded by the second week of February.

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