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Does this sound familiar?...


  • Staying consistent while being kind to yourself is a daily struggle that leaves you feeling like you’re not good enough. 

  • You’re hard on yourself for not being able to focus on 1 thing at a time and it has you feeling like something is wrong with you. 

  • Life during COVID has been such a struggle for you with  remote work or school and the constant feeling of disconnect & anxiety and you’re not confident it will ever end. 

  • You would give ANYTHING to reduce stress effectively and consistently so you can feel lighter and happier. 

I know where you’re at. 


You're aware that something is going on and it has you feeling off balance . You might have tried to figure it out on your own but it has left you feeling more helpless.


 You keep saying to yourself “There has to be something to help me sort out these feelings” but you have no idea what that even looks like or where to go to get it. 


That’s where I come in.


My name is Christina Broderick and I am a licensed therapist. I have helped many clients just like you, who were looking for direction and guidance for their wellness. 


I have helped them pinpoint their deepest challenges and triggers then help them develop long-term, healthy ways to cope with everyday stress.


How would it feel if you..

  • Woke up everyday with a healthy balanced life and ALWAYS put yourself first.

  • Could be intentional with your schedule? A.K.A. Be more spontaneous and work less.

  • Were able to better manage your stress levels as well as be less defensive when expressing your emotions 

  • Were less distracted, more excited to get out of bed, able to make healthier choices for your mind & body


In this masterclass, you'll learn the top 5 things you can start doing today to live your life on purpose without needing therapy. 


Click the link below to register and send to a friend to have them join too!


I can’t wait to see you inside!