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Meet Christina Broderick

Licensed Social Worker &

Chief Mental Health and Life Strategist

Hi! I'm glad you're here. That means you're curious about tackling mental health for yourself and/or those around you. My name is Christina and a clinically trained Licensed Social Worker, a former Psychotherapist, a Certified School Social Worker, and an Adjunct Professor, who is passionate about ensuring mental health becomes a priority for all. Too often we wait until issues become alarmingly difficult for us to handle to then seek assistance. 

At Broderick & Company Consulting, we want to change that. We want everyone to learn, understand and take proactive action for our mental health and the mental health of others. While treatment is imperative for mental illness, providing knowledge, skills, and resources for wellness is equally important for all of us. 

We all have mental health. Let's work together to be proactive when we can and comfortable seeking help when needed. 

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